Wednesday 12 March 2008

Rumors of a Canon 5D Mark II ????

Some photography blogs are circulating rumors that Canon will announce a new 5D in late April, with a June availability at your favorite stores. The specs are said to include a 15mp CMOS 35mm full frame sensor, dual core DIGIC III chipset, weather sealing, a new AF sensor, and a $3500 list price.

If this is for real, why would Canon choose a late April announcement?! Has it no sympathy for US tax-payers who have to meet the dreaded April 15 deadline? Why make things more difficult?

In any event, I'm in the market for a Canon 5D replacement...and have been for a while, but I'm puzzled by the recent price jump of the Canon 5D amongst the leading retailers. At year end, the 5D was listed at B&H for $2100 and now it's back to $2200. What's this all about? I would think that retailers would want to get rid of their inventory before the new 5D hit their shelves. Puzzling.

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