Sunday, 27 January 2008

Another Mac Air Review

Ryan Block's review of the Mac Air (or just Air) on Engadget is the most thorough I've seen so far. Before this review was available, I instinctively thought that the Air would be a difficult product to decide on...and this write-up seems to confirm this.

The reviewer describes the Air as being a tough call, being hard to justify its price with all its compromises, but a technical wonder nevertheless. It's doubtful if the Air will be a primary machine for users, as it's not going to replace users' main workhorse. I haven't seen the Air at the Apple store yet, but I sense that it's an 'into the future' machine... Apple is anticipating what mobile wireless computing will be in a few years, and the Air is it.

I'd love nothing better that an ultra-light from Apple such as this one...saving a few pounds from my hand luggage when traveling would be wonderful. However, I will wait for further reviews before getting all excited.

Engadget's Mac Air Review

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