Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Adobe Elements 6 Podcast

Adobe Creative Suite's website provides us with Terry White's videowalk-through of the newly announced Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 for Macintosh. It's a thorough introductory tutorial which is useful if you contemplate buying or upgrading the product.

As mentioned in my earlier post, Adobe announced that Adobe Elements 6 is available for pre-order for an estimated street price of US$89.99. The software will later be available at retailers. The actual availability is expected to be in March 2008.

The reason for the "pre-order" announcement is easy to figure out: Adobe had originally announced that the software (for the Mac) would be available in early January, so -by pre-announcing it in this fashion- it doesn't have to admit to delays. I never pre-order anything, so all this PR verbiage is wasted on consumers like me.

At a suggested retail price of $90 for Elements 6, why would anyone buy CS3 which costs 4-5 times as much?

Thanks to Imaging Insider for the link to the podcast: Adobe Elements 6 Podcast