Thursday 6 December 2007

Origami Flash Diffuser

As my readers know, TTP is ad-free and I only mention or post on products that I've either tested and used myself, or read articles on them in publications that I generally trust. The Origami by Gary Fong falls into the second category. I read about it in PDN's Objects of Desire section, and thought it was an interesting contraption to have in one's pocket when using a flash.

When I do use a flash, I use a white card secured on my flash with an elastic band, and this works reasonably well most of the time...but perhaps the Origami will do better?

The Origami is a diffuser that can be swung into the flash's light path, and is foldable (hence the name), taking virtually no space in one's bag or even pocket. Although I rely on natural light as much as possible, I think I'll order one and see if it lives to its hype. It's currently on sale for $30.

Gary Fong's Origami

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