Monday 19 November 2007

Unsung: Extraordinary People

Image Copyright © Mahesh Bhat-All Rights Reserved

Since TTP is a non-commercial blog, I do not post about books unless I've read and enjoy them, however this is an exception.

UNSUNG is an inspirational book about Indians with ordinary backgrounds who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities. The book tells the stories of nine of such people from places across India, such as Ladkah, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Orissa.

It seems that the book was about 5 years in the making, and published despite many odds. It features B&W photographs by photographer Mahesh Bhat and text by journalist Anita Pratap, who have self-published the book.

I thought the best story was that of Tulasi Munda, an adivasi from Orissa, who started a school under a tree, selling puffed rice to finance it. The school has educated more than 15,000 so far. I've photographed the adivasis in Chhattisgarh, and I'm aware of the difficulties they to read about Tulasi Munda's achievements is encouraging.

Both Mahesh and Anita deserve praise and admiration for their determination, and for bringing these extraordinary "ordinary" people to our awareness.


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