Friday 2 March 2007

John Isaac: Kashmir

Fisherman In Dal Lake-Image Copyright John Isaac

From 1969 to 1998, John Isaac worked for the United Nations and traveled to more that 100 countries while capturing on film a changing world. During his career, he received many awards from Nikon International Photo Contests, as well as the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Photographic Council.

He authored books including a series called Children in Crisis. Through this series, John gives a first hand account of the daily life of children and their families in troubled regions around the world. He co-authored "Endangered Peoples" with Art Davidson and Art Wolffe for the Sierra club.

His photographs are testament to his professionalism, however his main website disappoints from an 'architectural' standpoint. It's clunky and doesn't seem to have been updated in quite a while. I chose another website to showcase John's superb images of Kashmir. I particularly liked the images of the insides of homes in Srinagar. One of them is of a family portrait in a blue room, with posters of Ayatollah Khomeni...denoting that the family is Shia.

The above photograph of the fisherman throwing his net is most probably pre-arranged...but it certainly doesn't diminish the beauty of the composition.

I just can't wait to visit Kashmir and experience its famous houseboats on Dal Lake, its trekking and its people. An incredibly gorgeous area...and if the political situation calms down further, maybe I will lead a photo tour there next year.

John Isaac's Kashmir

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