Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Agung Parameswara | Devotion

Photo © Agung Parameswara-All Rights Reserved
Although having been both at the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Bali, Agung and I haven't met...whether at the Betelnut Cafe for the events, or at the Pelangi School.

I chanced on his work during a Betelnut Cafe event where I noticed his small prints on a table. I took one, and viewed his website. It's a shame he didn't show his work of Bali and elsewhere, and nor had I had the opportunity to review his portfolio. Luckier instructors must have, and I would have loved to sit in on the review and see his new work.

One of his many compelling photo galleries is Devotion; an on-going project in monochrome which Agung describes as a personal one, and that delves in the spiritual relationship between the Balinese and their deities and ancestors. It is the element of bhakti, the devotion that Hindus have for their deities, for their way of life and their religion.

Agung Parameswara is a Bali-based freelance photographer specializing in documenting social cultural issues, delving in travel, and documentary photography. His focus is on Bali and his native Indonesia with a passion in capturing culture, folklore, lanscape, and human events in conjunction with their surroundings.