Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Carolyn Beller: The Mississippi Delta

Photo © Carolyn Beller-All Rights Reserved

I've featured Carolyn Beller's talented work of Oaxaca on The Travel Photographer blog a few months ago, and she comes back here with an equally impressive body of work from her time spent photographing in The Mississippi Delta, a gallery of 15 photographs.

Carolyn started her photography work in earnest as recently as 2006 with an established background in art, interior design and pottery, as well as in teaching art. She took up photography so it would serve to document the lives and culture of various indigenous people she came in contact with when she worked on pottery projects. She traveled to Nepal, India, Burma, and Rwanda, and will revisit India this coming January.

As in her Oaxaca gallery, I thought her Mississippi Delta gallery had traces of David David Alan Harvey's and Alex Webb's influence, especially in terms of composition and shadow play. Carolyn is a gifted photographer with a keen eye for capturing 'tableaux" which tell stories in themselves.

Speaking of which, I was imagining viewing Carolyn's Mississippi Delta's photographs, with a song by Howlin' Wolf or John Lee Hooker (as only two examples) blaring in the background. Naturally, her already compelling photographs coupled with a sound track by local musicians, and interviews would make a remarkable audio-visual package.