Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Carolyn Beller: Oaxaca

Photo © Carolyn Beller-All Rights Reserved
I wager that readers of The Travel Photographer blog will agree with me that this third in a row pure travel photography post is a home run!

Carolyn Beller started her photography work in earnest as recently as 2006 with an established background in art, interior design and pottery, as well as in teaching art.

Her biography tells us that she took up photography when realizing that it would serve to document the lives and culture of various indigenous people she came in contact with when she worked on pottery projects. She traveled to Nepal, India, Burma, and Rwanda.

Carolyn attended workshops with Alex and Rebecca Webb, David Alan Harvey, Jay Maisel, Nevada Wier, Catherine Karnow and Jim Richardson. Some of those names I obviously recognize and others I don't...but I thought her wonderful photograph of young boys and their shadows in her Oaxaca gallery has much of Alan Harvey's and Webb's influence in it.

After seeing Carolyn's photographs made on the Staten Island ferry, that's a project I ought to take on as well. Staten Island is part of New York City, isn't it? If so, I consider it my purview as much as Chinatown and Washington Square Park are.