Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Leica M8 forever?

Gizmodo reports that Leica is offering substantial upgrades to the M8's mechanical and digital components, ensuring a gradual and progressive evolution which would allow it to adopt technological innovations as they occur. This approach is instead of introducing subsequent new models every few years.

It's not cheap by any means...with the first package consisting of a non-scratch sapphire LCD screen and an improved shutter, at a cost of around $1,800.

This can be a brilliant move or a bad one, depending on a lot of factors. The price of the upgrades and the length of time to install the upgrades are two of the more obvious downsides, and having a fountain-of-youth Leica is the upside. It'll be a matter of debate amongst Leica aficionados for a while.

Gizmodo's Leica For Life