Saturday, 9 August 2008

Planet Magazine Photo Contest

PLANET Magazine describes itself as a leading global culture lifestyle magazine blending the latest in contemporary art, music and fashion with coverage of distant cultures, unique travel experiences, and global awareness. It is announcing its 1st annual Global Travel Photo Contest, with a Grand Prize of a round-the-world ticket, open for one year (or $1000 cash prize), with a 10-page portfolio assignment.

According to the photo contest's blurb, it offers photographers the"opportunity to share their vision of travel, life, people, and sub-culture with our top editors and a distinguished panel of judges culled from the highest levels of New York’s international photography community."

Planet Magazine Photo Contest's terms and conditions are here.

My thanks to Asim Rafiqui for the tip.


Note: As a general comment, and as in the case of all such contests, make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions, especially that misunderstandings between organizers and contestants sometimes occur.