Saturday, 2 January 2016

Enrico Martino | Believers

Photo © Enrico Martino-All Rights Reserved
With the advent of 2016 and for the first blog post of the year, I thought I'd feature the personal work of veteran photographer Enrico Martino, which he titled "Believers".

It's a collection of 77 photographs of various religious (conventional and not so conventional) traditions, including Jewish worshippers celebrating Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem, the Peruvian procession of “Señor de los Milagros”, Lord Krishna's birthday in India, rituals in the Islamic wonders of Old Cairo and Coptic pilgrimage sites, Spain's Camino de Santiago, and and many others.

Enrico Martino is a documentary and travel photojournalist, writer and multimedia storyteller, who has worked in more than sixty countries. He's a contributor to important Italian and international magazines and exhibited in international expositions, covering political and documentary assignments in Italy, Europe, Middle and Far East, Africa, USA and Latin America. Recently, he specialized in travel photo and texts reportages. He is also member of Nuestra Mirada, the website of many Latin American photographers.
I originally came across Enrico's work before I traveled to Buenos Aires in 2011 to teach at the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop. I wanted to produce a short multimedia photo-film about tango, and his wonderful work Tango Soul came up during my search.

He produced a number of short movies, but I reckon that Tango Soul is the one that influenced me the most. Don't leave his website and not view it. You will not regret it,a nd you'll view it many times.