Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dustin Cohen | The Shoemaker

While The Travel Photographer blog usually is travel/documentary centric and focuses on international subject matters, I am also extremely interested in photography and multimedia originating in the United States, and particularly in my city...New York City.

Vimeo recently highlighted the work of the very talented photographer/filmaker Dustin Cohen, who is based in Brooklyn.

There are a number of short documentaries on Dustin's website, and I chose to feature The Shoemaker, which is the story of a 91 year old shoemaker and repairer in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Frank Catalfumo first opened the doors to F&C Shoes in 1945 and continues to work five days a week alongside his son Michael. I also loved the background music which sounds like it's by Sidney Bechet.

Don't miss the typical Italian gesture that Frank uses at some point...he brushes under his chin to show his dismissal of a point he was talking about.

This is one of the many lives that make up the huge mosaic of New York City, and reminds me of The New York Times' terrific One in Eight Million series, which I continuously rave about.

Dustin Cohen is a film director and a photographer, living in Brooklyn and whose client list include RollingStone, Respect, Details, Elle, Inked, XXL, Billboard, AOL Music, Atlantic Records, RCA Records, Warner Music, Kodak, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Toshiba, Ray Ban, Sperry Top-Siders, Whole Foods, Casio G-Shock Watches, Colgate, Macy's, and others.