Saturday, 16 June 2012

Eric Kruszewski: Cuba

Photo © Eric Kruszewski-All Rights Reserved
Eric Kruszewski's Cuba gallery made me yearn to revisit Cuba having been there on a week's photo workshop over 10 years ago.

It's heaven for street photographers...Just look at the photograph above, and see how he compartmentalized the scene using the columns and the scaffoldings. You'll see others in the gallery, including nicely composed scenes of youngsters playing street baseball.

An engineering vocation took Eric to perform construction assessments in in former Soviet Union countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia. It was there that he started to pick a camera to share what he saw and experienced. In mid-2010, he returned to the USA to evolve his craft, develop personal projects, and discover opportunities to share stories with a larger audience. He began pursuing photography full-time earlier this year.

Don't miss Eric's poignant documentary movie on Courtney Gilmour, whose birth defects are consistent with exposure to pollutants during her mother's pregnancy.