Monday, 5 March 2012

Mary Calvert: Bhutan: The Art of Archery

Photo © Mary Calvert-All Rights Reserved
Bhutan's national sport is archery, and Mary Calvert documents the sport in her Bhutan: The Art of Archery photo gallery.

In Paro, I witnessed a couple of these archery contests, some impromptu and others more elaborate, in the valley where one could see the famous Tiger's Nest monastery. Apart from these contests being raucous, and during which I was told that opponents were fond of distracting each other by insulting each other, they are taken very seriously by participants and spectators.

There are two targets placed over 100 meters apart and teams shoot from one end of the field to the other. Each member of the team shoots two arrows per round. Traditional Bhutanese archery is a social event and competitions are organized between villages, towns, and amateur teams. 

Mary F. Calvert is an award winner photographer who worked as a staff photographer for eleven years on the award-winning staff of The Washington Times. She will be teaching Intermediate photojournalism at the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington D.C. In addition to being a guest faculty member of Momenta Workshops, the Western Kentucky University Mountain Workshops, the NPPA’s Flying Short Course, and the Eddie Adams Workshop, she has been a member of the faculty for the Department of Defense Worldwide Military Photographers Workshop in Ft. Meade for the last fourteen years.

She was honored with the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in International Photography for her project, “Lost Daughters: Sex Selection in India” in 2008,  and was awarded the White House News Photographers Association Project Grant to document sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Some of her clients include The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, AOL, The New York Post, Inside Counsel Magazine, McClatchy-Tribune Photo Service, The International Herald Tribune,  Le Monde, Mother Jones, and The Christian Science Monitor.