Saturday, 2 July 2011

POV: Two "Must Read" Blog Posts

Photo © Tewfic El-Sawy-All Rights Reserved
I do not expect presents from Santa Claus at the height of summer, but these two posts are the equivalent of unexpected and incredibly useful presents.  I simply cannot encourage my readers (whatever their interest in photography is) in enough strong terms to read and enjoy these posts. Both are informative, well written, engaging...and useful to photographers, photojournalists and anyone remotely interested in this industry. My hat's off to both authors of these posts...very well done.

1. The War Photographers' Biggest Story: Themselves:

Benjamin Chesterton (of the Duckrabbit blog) has penned what I consider one of his best posts. He questions if the ‘best’ story a war photographer can provide these days is the one that will get the most themselves?

I won't attempt to summarize what he wrote, since it would do his writing and message a disservice, however those who follow the recent news on photojournalism, the loss of at least 3 photojournalists in Libya and the incarceration of others...will immediately appreciate (and if like me, agree with) the thrust of the argument. I touched on this with my own post Yes, I Have A Name. It's Mohamed Shaglouf!.

2. The Amazing Yellow-Bordered Magazine:

John Stanmeyer, the well known National Geographic (among other publications) photographer has started to write one of a number of monthly posts in which he will "demystify the experience, sharing insight and nuances on how such long-term projects originate until the National Geographic magazine arrives in your mail slot, starting now with a latest story I’m about to begin for them".

How incredibly wonderful is that???

Two posts...two gifts...two Pandora's boxes for aspiring photojournalists and travel photographers.