Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Moises Saman: Iraq's Final Resting Places

Photo © Moises Saman/NYTimes-All Rights Reserved

A compelling photo essay titled Iraq's Final Resting Places by Moises Saman appeared in The New York Time's web edition. Probably as a sort of commemoration for the so-called official end of conflict in Iraq, the photo essay documents the graves and tombs of the thousands of unknown Iraqis killed since the invasion of 2003.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry estimates that 72,124 were killed since 2003, while at the morgue, it's estimated that at least 100,000 have yet to be identified. Other estimates differ in their calculations, but some reach over 1 million Iraqi civilian deaths since 2003.

Coincidentally, an op-ed by Paul Wolfowitz also appeared in the same edition, calling for the United States to stay true to its "commitment" to Iraq. You'd think these people would disappear in the holes from whence they came, but no...they still don't accept responsibility for our country going to war on false information.

We all know that Wolfowitz was a member of the cabal who vociferously influenced the Bush administration to invade Iraq on false pretenses. We also recall that Wolfowitz was acrimoniously removed from his post at the IMF because of shenanigans involving his girlfriend's pay.

If there was true justice in this world, I'd love to see Wolfowitz at the Cemetery of Martyrs in Najaf, and explain to Muhammad Jassem's mother, aunts and sisters (in the above photograph) why he was killed....and then do the same with the 4000+ US families who lost a family member in Iraq.