Friday, 5 March 2010

Clive Evans: Morocco

Timeless Morocco - Images by Clive Evans

Born in England, Clive travels the world (especially Europe) from his homes in Southern France and Ireland. His years of traveling and documenting Europe and its people result in images expressing individuals, their cultures, and their environments--often with a visual twist.

Clive is also a founder member of Lumen, an international photographer's cooperative with members in Norway, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and Estonia.

His website, hosted by Photoshelter, has 20 galleries but I chose the one of Morocco, which usually provides enormous difficulties to street photographers wishing to capture its people. One of the photographs in the gallery (#5) perfectly expresses the reaction of people when a photographer attempts to take their picture. However, in many cases the reaction is not as good-humored.

From looking at Clive's well composed photographs of Chefchaouen, I realized that the slideshow seems to have somewhat washed out the colors of the photographs, since Chefchaouen's blue is not as vivid as I've seen them in others.