Sunday, 3 January 2010

Eric Beecroft: Delhi Nights

Photo © Eric Beecroft -All Rights Reserved

Readers of this blog are familiar with Eric Beecroft as he's been mentioned on its pages quite a number of times; most often in connection with Foundry Photojournalism Workshop of which he is its energetic co-founder.

Eric teaches photography, photojournalism/documentary photography, history, geo-politics and anthropology for the Walden School, a public charter school in Utah. He spends a few months a year traveling and leading photo expeditions of high school students and adults.His photography is mostly documentary work, photojournalism, and adventure/outdoors photography.

He recently updated his website with photographs of Delhi at night, and of the famed Rohtang Pass in the Indian Himalayas.

I particularly liked Eric's series of Delhi at night. It's a different world at that time of day, and certainly a departure from the stereotypical crowded markets scenes of the city, as well as being not one that many have photographed.