Monday, 2 November 2009

Nacho Hernandez: Children of the Clouds

Nacho Hernandez is a Spanish photographer who takes assignments worldwide, and has easy access to the Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific regions from his current base in Manila. Nacho graduated from the Washington School of Photography and also holds a MA in International Relations and Development from Georgetown University.

His interest is in international documentary, travel photography and photography with a humanitarian focus. As an example, he produced a long-term project on the Sahrawi people, and which was exhibited at the US Congress in Washington DC. It is this Children of The Clouds which I chose to highlight on TTP.

According to Wikipedia, Hassaniya Arabic speaking tribes, of Arab-Berber and pure Berber/Tuareg heritage, mainly living in Mauritania, Western Sahara southern Morocco, western Algeria, Mali and surrounding territories, form a large part of the population of countries in the area of the Western Sahara.

Western Saharan pro-independence groups have utilized the term Sahrawi to give a their movement a nationalist connotation. Morocco controls most of the territory as its Southern Provinces, but the legality of this is not internationally recognized, and is disputed militarily by the Polisario Front.