Friday, 6 November 2009

Diego Vergés: Sadhus

Photo © Diego Vergés-All Rights Reserved

Here's the interesting work of an emerging photographer from Spain. Diego Vergés obtained an Communication Degree and worked in a studio until deciding that he wanted to spend his life doing something other than that. To visit a friend, he traveled to Gabon where he photographed hospitals and clinics. He submitted his photographs to various competitions in which he was recognized, and published some of them in Super Foto, a Spanish magazine.

He recently self-financed a trip to India and Nepal, and returned in June with some great imagery of sadhus. These were photographed in Kathmandu (I recognize Pashupatinath), Kolakta and Varanasi. He tells me that he applies lighting techniques learned from The Strobist, and as you'll see from his Sadhu gallery, he does just that very effectively. He also tells me that he studies the work of Spanish photographers like Jaime Mota, Pep Bonet, Javier Arcenillas, and uses a Canon 5d and a 5d Mark II, with prime lenses (24mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.4).

Diego is planning another trip and hopes to spend four months in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea at the end of the year. If his current work is any indication, I'm pretty sure he'll return with wonderful imagery.

Note: Diego's website contains large be patient until these load!