Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Susetta Bozzi: China

Photograph © Susetta Bozzi-All Rights Reserved

Susetta Bozzi is a freelance photographer based in Beijing. Following a career in graphic design, she turned to photography full-time. Her photographs have appeared in Vanity Fair, Capital, Io Donna, Corriere Della Sera, Gente Viaggi and L'Express.

Most of her portfolios are China-centric, but she also has a few galleries of India, the Phillipines and Thailand. Although I chose her above photograph from the gallery From Chamdo to Lhasa" for this post, I was fascinated by her photographs of Yiwu, a town in China which is a Muslim trading post. Its stores cater to traders who come from all over the Islamic world and beyond. It reminds me of the ancient Samarkand and similar legendary trading posts on the Silk Route, where caravans would stop to trade and rest.