Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Michele Westmorland: Papua New Guinea

Photograph © Michele Westmorland-All Rights Reserved

Following my post on Karen Huntt yesterday, here's one about her expedition partner, Michele Westmorland.

Michele is a freelance photographer who specializes in underwater photography as well as in wildlife, landscape and culture of exotic locations. She's been published in numerous national and international publications. She has been traveling to Papua New Guinea since 1991, and joined with Karen in the Headhunt Revisited, the project retracing the four-year sojourn taken by portrait artist Caroline Mytinger and her companion Margaret Warner in 1926 in the South Pacific.

Michele's work is generally more slanted toward the commercial side of travel photography, as well as underwater photography. There's no question that her photographs are technically superb, and she includes pictures of her clients photographing tribespeople during a Papua New Guinea 2007 photo tour which, in my view, is a shame as it commercializes the rest of her photographs.

Here's Michele Westmorland's website