Sunday, 10 February 2008

Music & Slideshows!!!

David Schonauer, Editor of American Photo magazine, hit the jackpot with his recent post of the State of the Art blog. His post "When Music Ruins the Picture Show" is a timely diatribe of how he's had enough of slide shows accompanied by music.

He writes: "Here’s my advice to anyone who wants their photo presentations to stand out: Leave out the music and simply show your images. Let silence work for you: In the absence of Irish harps, digereedoos, and atonal chants, audiences will really gaze at your work. (Especially if you show them one image at a time and offer interesting background information.).

The funniest line (but it's true!) in the post is this: "With photojournalists it’s invariably world music—a sure sign of the international and cultural dimensions of the work."

He's absolutely right. Enough already. Less is more as they say.

David Schonauer's When Music Ruins the Picture Show