Sunday, 10 February 2008

Airy Mac Book Air

Just to confirm what everyone knows or heard...the Macbook Air is spectacularly light. I dropped by Apple's West Village store yesterday, and they had Airs all over the place, The first thing everyone does is lift's really a machine of unbelievable (unbearable?) lightness. There was a crowd surrounding the table where the Airs were displayed....however I saw a couple of these people then move over to another table to order MacBook Pros. Does this observation mean anything? No.

Apart from its anorexic features, the Air seemed to me (a user of an older PowerBook) to be flimsy and delicate...but with an enormous sex appeal. I'm certain that the flimsiness is a mistaken perception and that the Air is as sturdy as any other of its siblings, but I would be really nervous packing it in a backpack and using it as a travel laptop....and yet, that's exactly the Air's niche market!

Sunday Update: Having to drop by the Apple store, I was told that the Air was sold out yesterday.