Monday, 26 November 2007

TTP: Recap of The Week

I'm fast approaching The Travel Photographer's first annual anniversary (annual that a tautological statement? Maybe not), and I've been thinking how to improve TTP's content for its readers.

I thought I'd introduce a weekly recap of the previous week's most viewed posts for those who may miss their TTP daily shot. So here's the first TTP Recap:

In order of popularity by being the most viewed for the week of November 18-24, the posts were:

Hands On The Canon 1DS MK III which is self explanatory.

Unsung: Extraordinary People. An inspirational book about Indians with ordinary backgrounds who have made extraordinary contributions to their communities.

Beyond The Frame: Puspa Wresti Dancers. A Beyond The Frame feature describing a background story to one of my photographs of Balinese dancers.

Micah Albert: Southern Sudan. The captivating photography of Micah Albert of Southern Sudan subjects.