Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Katherine Kiviat: Parwana

Image Copyright Katherine Kiviat

Katherine Kiviat has been working as an international documentary photographer and photojournalist for the past 7 years. International assignments have taken her to Afghanistan, India, Israel, Oman, Europe, and the United States. 

For the last two years she was based in Kabul where she photographed the first democratic elections and focused on Afghan women and their changing role in Afghanistan. In June 2005, she published "Parwana" with journalist Scott Heidler. The book is a collection of portraits and interviews of Afghan women across the country who are agents of change.

Presently based in Jerusalem, she has photographed a number of Palestinian-Israeli co-existence programs around the region as well as covering feature stories outside Gaza and the West Bank.

Her website has a number of galleries to choose from, but I suggest you visit her solid work on Afghan women, which she titled "Parwana". I hope her book does very well.

Her photographs can be seen here