Thursday, 10 May 2007

Amanda Koster: Moroccan Women

Image Copyright © Amanda Koster-All Rights Reserved

Amanda Koster says that she has made it her mission to document some of the world’s more compelling issues. She combines her anthropology background with photographic and videography skills to create media content as a means for effective communication, storytelling and learning.

She studied photography at the International Center for Photography in NYC, and holds a BA degree in anthropology. She works with magazines, newspapers, design agencies and non-profit organizations around the world. Amanda has worked extensively with youth media projects internationally, teaching photography as a tool for visual storytelling creating a voice and outlet for underrepresented youth.

I also believe that she was a fellow mentor involved with Phil Borges' Bridges To Understanding project.

Koster has received grants for her project Before Harmony: Moroccan Women's Song Project. The project, collaboration with Festival Fès, documents female Berber and Arab Musicians of Morocco with hopes to spark an interest in this region and also show that there is more than one image of women in Islam. In addition, the project illustrates particular women totally devoted to perusing their passion while contributing to their culture.

The website gallery is accompanied by a Berber traditional chant by Charifa Kersit, who is an extradordinary singer. The similarity between this chant and flamenco will be obvious to all.

So hurry and click on Before Harmony and turn up the volume of your's worth it.