Thursday, 17 December 2015

The "Look-Back" Images of 2015

Here's a short movie slideshow consisting of some of my favorite images made during 2015. As I'm taking a hiatus from leading photo expeditions-workshops in order to complete a forthcoming photography book tentatively titled "Hầu Đồng: The Spirit Mediums of Viet Nam, all my travels this year have been to that country to build an exhaustive inventory of photographs relating to this subject matter.

I've included a few street photographs of Hanoi; probably one of the most photogenic cities for the genre since its life spills unto its alleys and streets. I've also included a few photographs of Ca Trù; an ancient genre of chamber music featuring female vocalists, with northern Vietnam origins. 

And naturally, I've included just a handful of the literally thousands of Hầu Đồng photographs I've amassed since I've started this book project in March.

For more still photographs, drop by Hầu Đồng, and Cháu Ba.