Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rohit Chawla | Wanderlust

Photo © Rohit Chawla- All Rights Reserved

I've always thought that photographers with a fashion background most often produce phenomenal ethno-photography, because of their talent and flair in directing and cajoling people how to pose during specific photo shoots.

Rohit Chawla is one of those photographers whose sense in fashion and portraiture produces wonderful photographs of Rabari nomads in Gujarat, of Goa unusual-looking foreign travelers, of seemingly stoned sadhus and much more on his website.

The Rabari live throughout Rajasthan and Gujarat, and are mainly occupied in raising cattle, camels and goats. They have a very rich cultural past and present, and their women are known for their embroidery skills. Rabari women are easily distinguished by their long, black headscarves, which fall loosely to the ground, and the Rabari men commonly wear white dhotis and tunics, golden earrings and walking sticks in hand. Few Rabaris are still nomadic, due to the dearth of pastoral lands.

Rohit Chawla started his career in advertising before eventually moving out to start his own design and film production company. His solo exhibitions include Wanderlust, Tribute to Raja Ravi Verma, Klimt - The Sequel, Free da! - The Homage, Fine Art of Food & the most recent, Wearable Art Collection, which opened at the Volte Gallery in Mumbai. 

His work has been exhibited at various venues across the world and his photographs are a part of major private collections and museums. The central theme of his work is essentially travel, and he lives between Delhi and Goa.