Saturday, 6 August 2011

PlanetPic Does Ramadan Images

Photo © Daniel Berehulak - AFP/Getty Images
PlanetPic is the new photo blog of GlobalPost, and has impressed me by its variety and the large size of its photographs.

It's one the first large photo blogs that featured images from around the Islamic world on the occasion of Ramadan. Sundown on July 31st marked the beginning of Ramadan, the month when Muslims all over the world are supposed to go without food, drink, smoking and abstain from sex from sunrise to sunset. It is intended for Muslims to purify themselves and concentrate their minds on Islamic teachings.

At sunset each day, Muslims break their fast with a meal known as Iftar, which many start by eating three dates. This holy month, sees a spike in charity, and it is not uncommon to see people marking Ramadan by giving food to the homeless.

As a footnote, I see that the Governor of Texas has backed a prayerapalooza in Houston today, and since he claims he will be fasting all day, I wonder whether he's considering joining the millions of Muslims in their fast. Just sayin'.