Friday, 17 December 2010

New Website: The Travel Photographer

As announced in my Next Week In The Travel Photographer post, I've completed (well, almost) the face-lifting, liposuctioning and tightening of my website, and it's now ready to brave the outside world. It's based on a WordPress blogging theme which I deem to be just right for my style of gallery categorization.

The 18 galleries are categorized as in photo essays, and each has a thumbnail with a short description. It makes sense, it's easy to navigate and is simple and intuitive.

One caveat: The Photo Expeditions link is intentionally not working...and that's because I have yet to announce the details of my next one in October be patient. It'll be announced in a few days.

Here's the current link.

And it's iPad-friendly as the way, iPad's Mobile Safari can't manage a HTML file with more than about 6MB of images on it, so I had to take this into consideration when building this portal. The individual galleries are iPad-readable but not all images will download on Mobile Safari...this will be fixed either by using a work-around trick, or just reducing the resolution of the images.