Friday, 3 September 2010

Burn: Lisa Wiltse: The Mennonites of Bolivia

Photo © Lisa Wiltse-All Rights Reserved

In my view, one of the better photo journals on the web is Burn magazine, which is an online feature for emerging photographers, curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.

I've recently noticed a fantastic photo essay by Lisa Wiltse that documents The Mennonites of Bolivia who settled in eastern Bolivia’s farmlands more than 50 years ago.

Today, some 60,000 Mennonites call Bolivia their home, and they've come from Mennonite colonies in Canada, Russia, Mexico, Belize and Paraguay, to improve their lives, and live simply, dress plainly and refuse to use many modern conveniences. Similar in their lifestyle to the Amish, the Mennonites lead quiet, dedicated, religiously inspired lives.

Lisa Wiltse graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a BFA in photography, and moved to Sydney, Australia in 2004 where she worked as a staff photographer for the Sydney Morning Herald. In 2008, she started her freelance career and subsequently moved to La Paz, Bolivia. Her work has been recognized by POYI’s, the National Press Photographers Association, the Sony awards, and others. She has recently been awarded The PDN Emerging Photographer award, and her work was published in The Fader, TIME magazine, GEO, Internazionale, Private Photo Review, The Sun Magazine, Marie Claire, The Australian Financial Review and The Sydney Morning Herald. She is currently a contributor with Getty Reportage.