Friday, 29 August 2008

Digital Photo Pro Mag: Jeff Hutchens

Photograph Jeff Hutchens-All Rights Reserved

Digital Photo Pro magazine has published an interesting 3 page interview with globetrotter photographer Jeff Hutchens titled The Frozen Mood.

At a time when travel photographers are facing a diminution in work assignments and gigs, and existentialistic navel-gazing questions such as "is travel photography dead?", it's refreshing to see an in-depth article and interview with a young but well-established travel photographer.

Hutchens traveled to more than 40 nations in his 29 years and has had plenty of adventures and misadventures. He moved with his family to northeastern China when he was four, after his father was hired to teach English to Chinese students. He and his brother attended a Chinese preschool and learned Mandarin.

I liked what he said on his China photographs: “I always experience China the same way: the cacophony of Mandarin tones; blurring bicycles and black slacks; the barrage of reds turned oddly luminescent by the haze of the polluted sky.”

Jeff Hutchens' website