Friday, 11 January 2008

Neeraj Mahajan: Gypsy Souls

Image © Neeraj Mahajan -All Rights Reserved

Neeraj Mahajan is a commercial and documentary photographer living in Delhi. Despite having graduated in hotel management from Australia, he chose to make a career out of documentary photography, and a few years later branched into advertising photography as well. His father, a street photographer himself, was an early mentor, followed by Pradeep Das Gupta who provided him professional guidance.

Neeraj has many documentary projects, either completed or work-in progress:"Sinners"is is a multi layered photo essay based on the concept of redemption and faith in the Hindu religion. "Rhythm Divine" is an essay of images of people, religious sects and holy places dissolving into each other, and "Gypsy Soul"is on the nomadic gypsies of India.

I've encountered Rebari and Raika gypsies during my photo travels in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are nomadic herders of camel, sheep and goats...and not all of them welcome photographers with open arms. It is perhaps because of my misadventures with the Reabari that I chose Neeraj's Gypsy Soul photo essay to feature on TTP.

His website's navigation is somewhat quirky but explore his Travel & Documentary galleries and you'll be rewarded by his interesting black & white photographs which have the unmistakable 'feel' of a seasoned street photographer.

Neeraj Mahajan