Monday, 12 March 2007

Darvis: Burma

Image Copyright Darvis

Darvis (he seems to use one name only) has been a freelance photographer for over twenty years. He traveled extensively and is keen to document our disappearing civilization. He shoots his pictures then reinterprets the original images through the media of toning and water colour.

This creates a finished image which is a blend of photography and painting. This was originally an option used by traditional artists to make a portrait affordable. Only the rich could commission an original painting.

Darvis says "Although it is already too late to turn back the wheels of industrialism and technology to a simpler age of handcrafting I hope that by documenting and photographing our disappearing civilizations with their time honored methods of worship, ritual and festival that we can begin to nurture a compassionate affinity with the ways of our ancestors."

His website showcases a number of galleries; Burma, Laos, Thailand, etc, but navigating it is rather annoying. I was disappointed in his Indonesia gallery, but thought his images of Burma were really artistic. I wonder whether my preferring the Burma gallery is because the country's isolation give more 'credence' to his hand-tinted photographs with the retro look to them. I don't know...maybe.

All in all, it's too bad that that his website's navigation doesn't do any justice to his craft.

Darvis Photography